SURJ-TC Funding Values

SURJ-TC is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. We raise funds to cover organizational, event and campaign expenses — but aim to direct the majority of our financial resources to people of color (POC) led organizations.

  • At least 80% of money SURJ-TC raises will go to POC-led organizations and events. We aim to have an even higher percentage but that is the base minimum.

  • SURJ-TC funds POC-led organizations and events, but it does not fund individual or family level requests. SURJ-TC members may choose to fund those items personally.


Who's donating

Emily Houser
Ashley Krohn
Harry Greenberg
Kelsey Barale
Nell Handel
Maggie Murphy
Sara Myszka
Robert Hest
Andrew Graves
Maureen Byrne
Chris Koza
Sara Aase
Jan Maple
Jayme Lisell
Kathleen Walker
Sandra Abilmona
Heather McMillan
Catherine Westbrook
Elizabeth Michaud
lori anger
Benjamin Paro
Annie Woehrle
Annie Pocklington
KerryEllen Fremling
Kelsey Dangelo-Worth
Andrea Aquino
Cynthia Hamar
Martha Trolin
Abby Pierre
Roya Fraser-Ivens